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A Stair that’s Safety for the Elderly

We all know that older adults and senior members of our family need utmost attention especially when it comes to their safety and security. One of the most pressing problems for older adults and the elderly is climbing the stairs in a safe and secure manner. Apparently, millions of adults sustain minor or even fatal injuries every year after taking a hard fall off the stairs. As a matter of fact, more than 2 million older adults were rushed to the emergency room for injuries while about 660,000 were hospitalized.


Needless to say, we should be vigilant in addressing and preventing any injuries from happening to the members of our family. So, what exactly are the things that should be done? How can we ensure their safety and security when climbing the stairs? Let's learn more here.


1.    Stairways Should Have Steady and Sturdy Handrails

Handrails play a very important role in maintaining balance as you climb the stairs. This would come very handy for older adults who need to have a strong and solid tool to help them in taking a step without tipping. If your stairway already has handrails, then make sure that they are in strong and in good condition. If your stairway don't have handrails, then it would be wise to install them immediately.


2.    Make Sure that The Stairway is Well-Lit

Always remember that every stairway must have illumination. This will ensure that anyone will have clear view of their path and see whether there are any toys, books, clothing or any element blocking the way. A well-lit stairway will certainly prevent any injuries caused by falling off the stairs.


3.    Wear Shoes With Rubber Soles

A footwear with rubber soles actually helps in preventing anyone from tipping off the floor. Climbing the stairs barefoot or wearing slippers poses a huge risk particularly if you have a super slick and shiny wooden staircase. Remember that you need to create friction as much as possible in order to prevent anyone from slipping off the floor. With that, wearing any footwear with rubber soles is an absolute must.


4.    Install a Quality Chair or Stair Lift

Stair lifts are among the best innovations in our days when it comes to stair safety. It is basically like a chair powered by batteries or electricity and helps move older adults or persons with mobility problems going up and down the stairs. On the other hand, there are several brands offering stair lift so you can just check which one works best. However if you are living in Arizona, then you can go here for access to stair lifts: Also available are stair lifts in Arizona from Cains Mobility.


Now these are few and very simple tips to remember and consider to prevent any injuries among the members of our family. Their safety and security should be your primary concern, hence the need to carefully examine and follow these simple helpful tips. As most people say, prevention is always better than cure.